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Loudoun County, VA | Full-time


The Position

Loudoun County, Virginia, home to the largest and fastest-growing data center hub in the world, is seeking a new Information Technology (IT) Director to lead all enterprise information services and solutions in support of the County’s vision. The new IT Director oversees all IT services that support the County’s 30 departments and their missions. The County seeks an IT leader to bring innovation and collaboration, working in support of County-wide goals to be a partner in service delivery, catalytic change, and smart IT solutions.

The IT Director provides strategic and innovative leadership by leveraging technology to support business and services. They will work collaboratively with over 30 departments and agencies to improve business processes and overall service delivery, including IT operations and infrastructure; data and analytics; and enterprise tools and business systems to support process improvements. The IT Director will develop the strategic direction of the Department with the County Administrator. They will also encourage the high performance and motivation of staff, communicate strategic direction and policies, develop performance measures, oversee project management, and serve as the subject matter expert to senior leadership on complex strategic technology issues and initiatives. Along with providing leadership and management of the IT Department, the IT Director is responsible for the development and management of the department’s annual budget. This requires an understanding of county-wide organizational needs and demands.

The IT Director develops and encourages a culture of innovation and continuous improvement that ultimately supports and enables the organization to embrace new ideas and operational enhancements. The IT Director plans, organizes, and establishes agreement around intended outcomes through active engagement with diverse stakeholder groups, including County employees and members of the community. The IT Director oversees programs to analyze the business requirements of County operations and conducts feasibility studies to determine the best use of resources in order to provide cost-effective innovation and support across the enterprise while promoting diversity, inclusion, collaboration, and the principles of a dynamic organization.

The IT Director reports to the Assistant County Administrator.

The Organization

Loudoun County operates under the “Traditional Form” of county government, the most used form in the Commonwealth. The Board of Supervisors is responsible for the legislative and administrative affairs of the County and appoints a County Administrator to oversee the day-to-day administration on its behalf. In addition, elected officials are responsible for the conduct and administration of various aspects of the County’s affairs. Other elected officials include the Commissioner of the Revenue, Treasurer, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and Sheriff.

The County’s FY 2021 Total Operating Budget is approximately $3 billion, and its FY 2021-2026 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Budget totals $2.9 billion. Loudoun County boasts a workforce of approximately 4,294 FTEs.

The Department of Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology (DIT) provides enterprise data center infrastructure services, technologies in support of business operations, enterprise data solutions, broadband support, communication systems, and technology services to the County government and Loudoun County Public Schools. DIT also provides radio services and Emergency Communications Center (ECC) technology support to the County’s public safety agencies, volunteer firefighters, and emergency medical staff. Assistance and services are also provided to the County’s incorporated towns and County staff that use state-provided equipment and networks. The Department provides services 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

The Department’s FY 2021 budget is approximately $42.9 million and is currently staffed by a total of 110.47 Full-Time Equivalents. Two assistant directors, as well as a business manager and security manager are the Director’s direct reports. The mission of DIT is to deliver effective, reliable, innovative information technology solutions while maximizing the effectiveness of county government. DIT’s vision is to serve as a trusted and collaborative advisor, recognized for exceptional customer service, agility, and innovation in the delivery of effective and efficient enterprise information services and solutions that assist the County in maintaining excellence.

DIT Programs

  • Infrastructure and Customer Service
  • Public Safety Support
  • Enterprise Systems Support
  • Technology Services
  • Security
  • Project Analysis and Management

Experience and Education

Minimum qualifications are a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Technology Management, Public Administration, or related experience; seven years of IT experience with increasing responsibility, including two years in a supervisory or management role; OR the equivalent combination of education and experience. Demonstrated experience in innovation, continuous process improvement, financial management, including budget preparation and advanced project management skills, are essential.

Preferred qualifications include IT leadership experience in a complex environment, driving organizational alignment and change management, supported by technology operations. Demonstrated success partnering with operational departments that have 24/7 services in a fast-paced, demanding local government setting is also strongly preferred.

The Loudoun Difference

Loudoun County Government is an organization of individuals who choose to dedicate their talents, education, and experiences to making a difference in the community. What sets Loudoun apart from other local governments is a strong organizational culture that values teamwork, community, and innovation. Loudoun County employees share a true appreciation for the dynamic nature of the community they serve and a passion for ensuring that Loudoun remains a great place to work, live, and play. Employees of the County enjoy working in a collaborative and inclusive environment and appreciate the County’s emphasis on maintaining a diverse and respectful workplace. As the community continues to experience growth, the County offers new and seasoned professionals the opportunity to work on challenging projects, emerging issues, and innovative solutions.

The Ideal Candidate

Over the last eight years, the County has replaced nearly all major legacy systems with modern technology and is in the process of implementing the last major system change: the land management system. This change cycle has challenged the IT Department both in terms of resources as well as the way it interacts with and supports customer departments. Loudoun is seeking a dynamic leader with proven ability to manage large-scale change in a way that respects the legacy knowledge of staff while prioritizing the improvement of business practices with a focus on customer service and training, keeping the overall vision of the County and the department front and center.

Loudoun County’s ideal IT Director possesses a strong IT security focus and has experience working in large and complex public or private sector organizations. Experience in public environments is strongly preferred. This individual is collaborative and easily builds rapport with IT personnel and other department directors and leadership. They have excellent budget and project management skills and are accustomed to working in sophisticated, multi-mission organizations. The new IT Director effectively communicates complex information and ensures the County continues to provide exceptional service to County staff, residents, and businesses.

The successful candidate drives change and innovation and encourages a culture of continuous improvement that supports and enables the County to embrace new ideas and operational enhancements. The ideal candidate leads and empowers the specialized, expert staff. They are naturally curious and inquisitive and embrace those same qualities in their team. They are a strong advocate, mentor, and active listener. They are a transparent and effective communicator who values honesty and integrity.

The IT Director will emphasize prioritization, resource allocation, and time management. They will further define and evolve the process for assessing, adopting, and evaluating projects and initiatives. While pursuing continuous innovation, they will also ensure that the County has the right resources in place to be effective. They are a strategic thinker yet remain focused on the successful execution of day-to-day programs and initiatives through the staff within IT.

The ideal candidate strikes a necessary balance between strategy, culture, innovation, process, and technology. They continue to educate others on the value of information and innovation projects and initiatives and how their efforts connect to the larger strategy and vision of the County. The new IT Director will become a trusted resource and actively engage others to discuss programs and initiatives, answer questions, address challenges, and resolve issues. They take a collaborative approach to partner with all department directors to expertly problem-solve and address their missions and needs.

The Community

Loudoun County, Virginia, “D.C.’s Technology Corridor,” is an innovative, globally competitive community known for its favorable business environment, exceptional quality of life, and strong sense of community. With an unparalleled number of fiber trunks and data centers that house servers for thousands of companies, Loudoun County is one of the most connected pieces of internet infrastructure in the world. Information and Communications Technology is Loudoun County’s largest industry cluster, representing 19% (1,906 companies) of all business establishments and 15% (23,000 jobs) of the County’s employment. Loudoun County prides itself on being a location that nurtures and supports entrepreneurs, making them perfectly aligned to attract and serve tech start-ups. Major industry leaders like Amazon, Verizon Business, Google, Facebook, and Salesforce all trust their most important digital assets to the connectivity in Loudoun County.

Businesses in Loudoun County enjoy superior infrastructure (including power, multi-modal transportation, and the supply chain); proximity to the Dulles Airport (a world-class international airport with non-stop service to 57 international cities); easy access to a world-class workforce due to the location in the DC Technology Corridor, Loudoun County’s consistent status as a business investment powerhouse, Loudoun County’s consistent status as the happiest large County in the United States (SmartAsset ranking); and access and proximity to the federal government.

Located in northern Virginia, approximately 45 minutes northwest of Washington, D.C., Loudoun County is a growing and thriving community of more than 421,554 residents. Loudoun has been one of the fastest-growing communities of its size for the last decade. The County’s eastern area is mainly suburban in character, while its western area is more rural, including small towns, horse farms, and more than 160,000 acres of well-preserved open space. Loudoun County is also home to more than 1,400 farms, occupying a significant portion of land in the County’s western region. The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors approved a Rural Economy Business Development Strategy in 2013, a plan that aims to double the growth of the agricultural business sector by 2023. Loudoun County is also home to 46 wineries and ranked number one in grape production in Virginia last year. Loudoun enjoys an active rural economy as well as engagement by citizens committed to a wide array of heritage resources. Dulles International Airport, a major facility serving nearly 30 million passengers every year, is located in the southern part of the County. Additionally, the Washington D.C. Metro area is expanding into Loudoun County with the extension of the Silver Line, which will allow residents to travel conveniently into Washington, D.C. Ranked as the wealthiest county in the United States in 2019, Loudoun is also the fastest growing county in Virginia.

Quick Facts

  • Population: 421,554
  • 2018 Median Household Income: $139,915
  • Median Home Value: $492,300
  • Median Age: 35.8

All demographic information was sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau.


The hiring range is $168,000 to $190,000, depending on qualifications. A competitive total compensation package will consider the candidate’s experience and expertise and will include an excellent benefits package comprised of the following:

  • Retirement Pension Benefits Through the Virginia Retirement System (VRS)
  • Health, Dental, Vision, and Disability Benefits
  • Leave Benefits
  • Deferred Compensation Plan
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Wellness, Education, and Other Benefits

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted electronically by The Novak Consulting Group. Applicants complete a brief online form and are prompted to provide a cover letter and resume. Open until filled with the first review of applications on April 12, 2021.


Please direct questions to Catherine Tuck Parrish at or 513-221-0500.

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