Police Chief

City of Gresham, OR | Full-time


The Position

The Police Chief effectively manages and administers the operations, functions, and activities of the Gresham Police Department. Reporting to the Deputy City Manager, the Police Chief is an active member of the leadership team and collaborates with colleagues on city-wide initiatives.

The Chief develops and implements the Police Department strategic plan and supports police initiatives outlined in the Council Work Plan. The Chief routinely evaluates goals and objectives and conducts analysis on best practices and trends to improve performance and outcomes. This position develops the annual budget and long-term financial forecast based on staffing and resource requirements and program goals and objectives. In addition, the Police Chief negotiates and enforces labor contracts and develops sound justifications for all budgetary recommendations and adjustments.

The Police Chief plans, prioritizes, and assigns the work for a talented and diverse workforce. The Police Chief hires staff, evaluates performance, recommends promotions, directs training and ongoing professional development, and takes corrective action when needed. The Police Chief also oversees internal affairs investigations to address allegations of employee misconduct. This position oversees the maintenance and operation of the public safety communications system and the maintenance of all police equipment. The Police Chief directly supervises two Police Captains and the Senior Administrative Supervisor.

The Police Chief establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships with law enforcement personnel in other jurisdictions. The Chief represents the City on committees and task forces regarding public safety issues and coordinates activities with outside agencies. The Chief meets with the news media to provide information and receive input regarding police services and other major issues. The Police Chief meets with elected and appointed public officials, business representatives, and members of the public to promote department activities and further positive community relations. Additionally, the Chief makes public safety presentations to community groups and works closely with the community in helping neighborhoods, special interest groups, businesses, and individuals achieve their goals without interfering with individual rights or the law.

The Successful Candidate

Visionary Leadership

The new Police Chief sets a vision for the future and evolution of the Police Department based on strong communication and collaborative relationships. The successful candidate easily builds trust and respect with department staff, City leadership, City Council, the community, and both local and regional public safety partners. The Chief is committed to community policing and working side-by-side with community members to create a safe, livable, and vibrant community.

The Police Chief is a transformational leader with proven expertise in relational change management. The ideal candidate welcomes diverse perspectives and inspires innovative ideas that positively impact the community, City, and Department. The Chief proactively assumes a leadership role in the City’s ongoing efforts to create a sustainable, actionable, long-term diversity, equity, and inclusion program and is committed to delivering equitable services to the community.

Departmental Strategy and Organizational Culture

The Police Chief supports and fosters an equitable and inclusive environment and is committed to addressing the inherent biases in policing. The successful candidate identifies opportunities and implements professional data-driven policing strategies for reform to ensure the Department remains a culturally competent organization for service to the community. The Chief leads the Department toward accreditation and examines, updates, and improves internal policies, practices, and systems providing appropriate changes that are in alignment with modern practices, including 21st Century Policing, Fair and Impartial Policing, and Procedural Justice.

The successful candidate is approachable and routinely models behaviors expected throughout the organization, including trust, mutual respect, and accountability. The Police Chief contributes to a strong culture and ensures police officers have an active voice in maintaining a positive work environment. The ideal candidate believes in staff development and supports the health and wellbeing of all officers. The Chief brings a proven commitment to progressive department-wide training that is consistent with and responsive to the needs of the community, such as de-escalation, fair and impartial policing, trauma-informed practices, victim-centered approaches, and procedural justice.

Community Leadership

The Police Chief takes the necessary time to learn and understand the diverse community and actively builds trust with Gresham’s communities of color. The successful candidate develops meaningful relationships and ensures the Police Department is connected to the community at all levels. Importantly, the Chief is committed to the Gresham community and collaborates to ensure the safety of all community members.

A transparent leader, the Police Chief further educates the community on the Police Department’s policies and procedures and continues to collect and analyze data, making information available to the public to increase transparency and accountability with the community. The Chief works diligently to understand the needs of the community, including the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and is committed to the tenets of 21st Century Policing. The ideal candidate facilitates the process of re-imagining what policing looks like in the City of Gresham.

Collaboration and Shared Goals

The Chief proactively engages as an integral member of the City Leadership Team and operates as a progressive, strategic partner and resource to peers and employees in all City departments. A natural convenor and collaborator, the Police Chief is a realist and works within the constraints of a limited budget, understanding competing interests, and resource needs across departments. The successful candidate collaborates on city-wide initiatives, supports an equitable and inclusive environment, and actively champions our efforts to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the City.

The Qualifications

The Police Chief has a minimum of ten (10) years of progressive leadership experience in a law enforcement agency with a deep understanding of and commitment to the recommendations contained in the Final Report of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing and PERF’s (the Police Executive Research Forum) Guiding Principles on Use of Force. Knowledge of the ABLE Program (Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement) beneficial. Experience leading through accreditation or experience in an accredited organization is preferred.

Knowledge of and experience with professional policing strategies, data-driven decision-making, and evidence-based practices in criminal justice and policing is essential. A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with thorough knowledge of and experience with fair and impartial policing practices and procedural justice, is required. Knowledge of laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, collective bargaining agreements affecting City policies and operations, city government administration, and police services is required, as are practices, principles, procedures, regulations, and techniques of police administration, criminal investigation, and law enforcement safety.

A bachelor’s degree and Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) Executive certification are required. Participation in the FBI National Academy, Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP), or Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Sciences (LEADS) programs is desired. An equivalent combination of experience and education that enables success as the Police Chief will be considered.

Inside Gresham City Hall

Gresham operates as a Council-Manager form of government designed to promote effective management within a transparent, responsive, and accountable structure. The Mayor and the six Councilors provide leadership and develop policies to guide the City and adopt the budget and other ordinances. The City Manager is appointed by the Council to oversee operations to ensure policies are carried out and that City services are effectively, efficiently, and equitably provided. A City Attorney is employed by Council to manage in-house legal and risk management services for the City.

Rapid growth, ever-changing needs, and a prudent budget demand a City government that is resourceful and resilient. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to serve the residents, placing the community first in our decisions and practices. Gresham values collaborative partnerships, practical strategies, inventive ideas, nimble approaches, and equitable outcomes.

The City’s 588 full-time regular status employees provide services through the following departments: City Attorney; Communications; Community Development; Community Livability; Economic Development; Environmental Services; Budget and Finance; Fire and Emergency Services; Human Resources; Information Technology; Neighborhoods and Community Enhancement; Office of Governance and Management; Parks; Police; Urban Design and Planning; and Urban Renewal. The adopted 2020-21 budget is $653.1 Million, with a general fund of $82.6 Million. The City proudly provides high-quality services and seeks innovative approaches to meet the needs of the community while operating under one of the lowest tax rates in the state.

Through the Equity and Inclusion Initiative, Gresham strives to create a diverse and welcoming workplace. The City has a talented and collaborative management team that provides the highest level of service to the community. Our commitment to each other is built upon strong mutual trust, collective responsibility, and support. We value close collaboration and teamwork, acceptance of change, and public stewardship.

In Gresham, we get things done. Every employee at the City of Gresham has an opportunity to contribute to this organization’s success and is charged with delivering the very best services to our residents.

The Gresham Police Department

The Gresham Police Department is committed to providing high-level service through continued community engagement that seeks to improve the quality of life and maintain the safety of our residents. Recognizing that our employees are a critical resource in this commitment to our community, we strive to ensure our officers are highly trained, ethically-sound professionals who are focused on enhancing the needs of the community.

Services provided by the Police Department primarily fall into two priorities – enforcement and investigation, followed by proactively addressing neighborhood livability issues. With a budget of $41.3 Million, the Police Department has 163 employees, 131 of which are sworn officers, and provides services through the following program areas:


Police Administration provides overall management, administration, policy and direction, and audits the appropriate and effective use of police resources. Primary activities of Police Administration, which support the line functions of the Department, include personnel management, investigation and resolution of citizen complaints and issues regarding the Department and its members, the establishment of community and regional partnerships, assurance that all legislative requirements are met, dissemination of information concerning crimes in the community, volunteer assistance in death notifications and crisis counseling, clerical support to the operational units of the Department, coordination of officers’ schedules for court and grand jury appearances, and departmental payroll. Grant management and administration are also included in this program area.


The Operations Division is primarily responsible for the initial response to calls for police services. Services provided by full-time officers include routine and directed patrol, traffic enforcement and investigation, education programs, canine support in high-risk situations and area searches, restraint of criminal street gang activities, proactive approach to problems on school grounds and adjoining properties through the use of School Resource Officers, special emergency response to high-risk incidents, cadets, Tri-Met transit police, neighborhood livability issues, and the acquisition, inventory, and repair of equipment.


The Investigation Division provides support to the Operations Division through follow-up investigation of crimes against persons and property, investigation of neighborhood crimes and suspicious activity, forensic investigations, control over property and evidence, participation in multi-agency investigative teams, and analysis of data to assist in solving crimes and identifying crime trends.


The Services Division supports the entire Department in the areas of police records and communications, fiscal services including budget development and purchasing, recruitment and internal special duty selections, coordination of training and maintenance of training records to meet State requirements, assurance that the State’s training standards are met, planning, research and analysis, and the development of written policies and procedures, as well as other management-related support services.

The Gresham Community

As Oregon’s fourth-largest city with more than 111,000 residents, Gresham is a welcoming community of hard-working people where tradition and heritage meet innovation and opportunity.

Located just minutes from Oregon’s iconic Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, the City of Portland, and the Portland International Airport, Gresham’s location is ideal for families and businesses wanting to start something new and grow. Within the City of Gresham, residents are encouraged to enjoy our City’s unparalleled natural beauty in our 1,103 acres of park land, trails, and natural areas.

Gresham’s network of schools provides educational opportunities for students of all ages, with many of the public schools having recently been rebuilt and modernized. Gresham also offers many preschools, charter schools, private schools, and higher education opportunities, including Mt. Hood Community College.

Our diverse and growing population includes young professionals, families, new immigrant communities, and long-time residents. Gresham’s residents care deeply about our heritage as a homestead and agricultural community and are committed to a thriving and vibrant future. Today, Gresham is a dynamic, innovative, and rapidly growing city where families and businesses have a mutual desire and drive to thrive. In Gresham, we are family.

Compensation and Benefits

The salary range for the Police Chief position is $134,580 - $174,960. The starting salary will depend on the qualifications of the successful candidate.

We encourage a healthy work-life balance and provide nine official paid holidays, personal floating holidays, and generous paid time off.

Other benefits include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance benefits
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Participation in the Oregon Public Employee Retirement System
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Health Reimbursement Plan with the City contributing monthly to account for eligible medical expenses
  • Sick leave for longer-term illnesses

To Be Considered

We believe that, in order to deliver the highest level of service to all Gresham community members, it is crucial we employ a diverse workforce, foster an inclusive working environment, and ensure our policies and systems result in equitable outcomes. The City seeks candidates who will support these values by continuously incorporating equity in their daily work and actively contributing to a workplace culture that respects unique viewpoints, life experiences, and cultural perspectives. 

Applications will be accepted electronically by The Novak Consulting Group. Applicants complete a brief online form and are prompted to provide a cover letter and resume. The position is open until filled with the first review of applications on May 31, 2021.


Please direct questions to Heather Gantz at hgantz@thenovakconsultinggroup.com.

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